3 tricks to keep the wooden furniture clean and healthy

Wooden furniture is the strongest amongst all other materials. It can last for the longest time without making any compromise. However, this material is not immune to damages. Yes, the rate of wear and tear and corrosion is less, but it’s inevitable. You may not see the damage early, like after one or two years of purchase. But no one can promise that the effects won’t be there after five or seven years.

That’s why you should know certain tricks of increasing the lifetime of wooden furniture and making it shine for the longest time possible. But, of course, you can’t achieve this in just a single day which is why we have crafted a good routine work for you so that you can maintain the wooden furniture units appropriately.

Do not expose the wooden furniture to direct sunlight

It would be best to keep the furniture beside a window directly from where a huge volume of sunlight can enter the house. If wooden furniture pieces are kept under direct sunlight, they will lose their shine and brilliance. In fact, after a couple of years, you can see dark spots appearing on the furniture surface that is burnt or charred marks.

Make sure to dust every corner and edge of the furniture

When cleaning the furniture units, you have to make sure that every corner and edge is being cleaned properly. Not a single speck of dirt should be there because dust and dirt attract dust mites which further lure bigger pests like bugs and roaches. If you can’t reach the corners and edges, use a simple painting brush to remove the dirt.

Do not use water or a wet rug for cleaning the wood.

It is not good for the wooden material of the furniture to be cleaned using water. The wood fibres can easily absorb moisture, which is why the furniture will become damp and lose its stability, balance, and strength over time. That’s why you should always go with dry cleaning.


Cleaning the wooden furniture units might sound to be easy. But in reality, the task is way more cumbersome than anyone can comprehend. That’s why it would be best if you take help from a professional cleaner once in a while.

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