Bathroom cleaning services

Join us at Sobe’s ECO, where we present you with thorough Bathroom cleaning services in Wappingers Falls. Our services will include sanitizing sinks and counters, mopping floors, wiping down bathroom mirrors, cleaning showers, and scrubbing the toilets. You can ring us up for weekly, monthly, or even daily services, and the package rates will vary accordingly.

  • Being in this field of cleaning services for such a long time, we have handled various residential and commercial bathrooms before. So, focusing on your new task won’t be that difficult for us.
  • We believe that bathroom holds not just dust and dirt but germs, bacteria, and viruses as well. Moreover, iron deposition in those crevices and grouts will also make the bathroom look gross.
  • Well, nothing to worry about as we will be using non-toxic yet powerful cleaning agents, which will give back that all-new look to your bathroom.
  • Focusing on the weekly cleaning plan is always a good shot at maintaining the hygienic level of your bathroom. So, waste no time and book for a package of deep cleaning services in Wappingers Falls right away because we are super busy serving new clients all the time.

Experienced professionals by our side:
We are pretty careful while hiring the best cleaning experts for our clients. So, we have to go through a series of hiring processes and interviews before choosing the best ones in town.

  • But, we won’t rest just after selecting the best professionals for bathroom cleaning services.
  • We will keep on training them regularly just to let them know about the modern cleaning technologies coming up in the market.
  • So, from us, you won’t just get the basic bathroom cleaning services but will focus on the top-notch cleaning packages using modern cleaning agents and technologies.

The services we offer:
Now, before you invest money in our bathroom cleaning packages, we want to be quite transparent and provide you with a detailed list of our services included over here.

  • We will hire a team of professionals to scrub and rinse the shower and sinks and remove the water stains from those areas.
  • We will encounter some built-up soap scum and will make sure to use the best cleaning agents to remove the same.
  • Moreover, we will have a separate team, whose main job is to disinfectant the toilets inside out. So, that will be a great call to address.
  • On the other hand, we will be cleaning the lights and fixtures in your bathroom to help improve the level of brightness over here.
  • We will furthermore wipe down the mirrors and vanities and provide window cleaning services in Wappingers falls for that picture-perfect cleaning result in the end.

So, what are you waiting for? Give us a call now at 845 276-4527 and enjoy the best bathroom cleaning services over here!