For what reasons will your refrigerator become dirty and need cleaning?

Are you getting sick often without a possible reason?

Is your stomach been upset or in pain for a few days?

If yes, then it’s probably due to your refrigerator. As weird as it sounds, refrigerators can cause damage to the foods and ingredients you store inside. There are several reasons for the same, which is why you should learn about them beforehand. It will help you avoid any damage to the food, and your health will also improve.

Letting water deposit inside the refrigerator after defrosting

One of the main reasons your food items are getting spoiled or getting a bad, rotten smell from the interiors is the accumulation of water. When you defrost the refrigerator, the water from ice melting won’t go out easily. Rather it will start accumulating at the extreme bottom, which is why you will start getting a very disgusting odour right after opening the doors.

Cleaning the appliance only once a year

Yearly maintenance of the refrigerator is enough. But if you clean the appliance for one time in a year, that won’t be enough for you and all the stored food items. In addition, if a refrigerator is used without cleaning, it will be hard to remove the stains, marks, and other such spots from the interiors. That’s why you should call in a professional freeze cleaner at least twice or thrice a year.

Keeping the spoiled veggies or fruits inside crisper

Sometimes, you forget to throw the spoiled veggies or fruits from the crisper and continue to add fresh ingredients into the same crisper. This will not only emit a rotten smell but also cause spoilage in the fresh ingredients. So, whenever a vegetable or fruit has started to get spoiled, take it out immediately from the crisper and throw it away.

Keeping all the meats in open containers

When you are storing meat in the freezer, keeping it without any lid will cause the smell to spread in the entire refrigerator. As a result, the uncovered foods and ingredients will have that meat smell. So, always keep it in lid-covered containers.


No matter how well you use the refrigerator, you should always call for professional help because the appliance needs thorough cleaning that you won’t be able to do. Not only will a professional cleaner help in making the appliance look spotless but also increase its longevity.

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